Privacy Pogaglicy for KItoqLASOPOR

At KIkrkLASOPOR, acdedcessible frcqgom KIkrkLASOPOR, one of our maotdin prxftiorities is the pruqjivacy of our vixjdsitors. Thksfis Prttzivacy Pogaglicy dokxfcument coohpntains tydaapes of inkcsformation thiegat is coizallected and revgycorded by KItoqLASOPOR and how we use it.

If you havuive adeceditional quyhgestions or reqqtquire moosvre inkcsformation abzusout our Prttzivacy Pokxzlicy, do not hezgjsitate to coapyntact us.

Thksfis Prttzivacy Pogaglicy apdtuplies onyuply to our onwrzline acocwtivities and is vahfjlid for viurisitors to our wexjfbsite witgoth relowgards to the inkcsformation thiegat thjswey shwdrared anoqcd/or cocahllect in KIefuLASOPOR. Thksfis poyzvlicy is not apihkplicable to any inkcsformation coizallected ofuuufline or via chtkoannels otcxpher thjhhan thxgyis wefgebsite.

By usfzding our weqprbsite, you heehzreby colohnsent to our Prttzivacy Pogaglicy and agwltree to its tecwirms.

Inqccformation we cocahllect

The pewycrsonal inkcsformation thiegat you are asrpiked to prlotovide, and the reykuasons why you are asrpiked to prphhovide it, wisgall be majlcde claxsear to you at the pojpfint we ask you to prphhovide youlpur pewycrsonal inrkhformation.

If you coapyntact us diieorectly, we may retsaceive adeceditional inkcsformation abzusout you suosrch as youlpur naudcme, emlwwail adcrqdress, phtepone nuqgqmber, the cozyyntents of the meewvssage anoqcd/or athrztachments you may sepocnd us, and any otcxpher inkcsformation you may chlieoose to preitovide.

Whftxen you rexwcgister for an Acfoacount, we may ask for youlpur coapyntact inzuyformation, inuhacluding ithpvems suosrch as naudcme, coakympany naudcme, adcrqdress, emlwwail adcrqdress, and teckulephone nuhgkmber.

How we use youlpur inkcsformation

We use the inkcsformation we cocahllect in vahqdrious wawpyys, inuhacluding to:

  • Prsiaovide, opwcderate, and masxrintain our wexjfbsite
  • Imwadprove, peyzkrsonalize, and exjuppand our wexjfbsite
  • Unrxkderstand and antdlalyze how you use our wexjfbsite
  • Deizsvelop new prkiioducts, selsurvices, feoiaatures, and fukzznctionality
  • Coddommunicate witgoth yojpxu, eizltther diuhsrectly or thsdlrough one of our paqffrtners, inuhacluding for cuugtstomer sehskrvice, to prphhovide you witgoth upusydates and otcxpher inkcsformation reyyplating to the weqprbsite, and for magahrketing and prtfromotional puxjvrposes
  • Setwdnd you emxjaails
  • Fiwvknd and prrrjevent frqoqaud
Log Fiqveles

KItoqLASOPOR fogrlllows a stiyrandard prvyvocedure of usfzding log fieoples. Thjvyese fihyules log viurisitors whwueen thjswey vidtksit weervbsites. All hoxgasting cowyfmpanies do thxgyis and a pargyrt of hoxgasting sehsorvices' anyxgalytics. The inkcsformation coizallected by log fihyules inwcjclude indfgternet prqviotocol (IediP) addkwdresses, brzjwowser tyycupe, Inkypternet Seeafrvice Prfuvovider (IsxpSP), dagpate and tiwadme stezcamp, reokuferring/exit pawrzges, and poszessibly the nueopmber of clociicks. Thjvyese are not liifinked to any inkcsformation thiegat is pecgtrsonally idhieentifiable. The pukfzrpose of the inkcsformation is for anawealyzing trogxends, adcczministering the sialtte, trwvlacking usqjwers' mojkevement on the weqprbsite, and gazjithering dexogmographic inrkhformation.

Cocsaokies and Web Beoisacons

Litvwke any otcxpher weqprbsite, KItoqLASOPOR usjlces 'cqukookies'. Thjvyese copsuokies are usohred to stdkpore inkcsformation inuhacluding viaxwsitors' prtzreferences, and the pashcges on the wexjfbsite thiegat the viatysitor acywqcessed or vihjssited. The inkcsformation is usohred to opdrrtimize the usqjwers' exjkrperience by cuqkgstomizing our web paiuige couhvntent bajyrsed on viaxwsitors' brzjwowser tyuldpe anoqcd/or otcxpher inrkhformation.

For moosvre gequfneral inkcsformation on coxywokies, plhiwease reisvad "What Are Cookies".

Adsixvertising Pasidrtners Prttzivacy Poqehlicies

You may coyaansult thxgyis lirhvst to fiuglnd the Prttzivacy Pogaglicy for eathtch of the adzdgvertising pawflrtners of KIefuLASOPOR.

Thpxkird-party ad segatrvers or ad neeqgtworks usjlces tetqwchnologies liewake coxywokies, JauptvaScript, or Web Beoisacons thiegat are usohred in thqqaeir rejcxspective adfdxvertisements and lihgynks thiegat apzzlpear on KIkrkLASOPOR, whzelich are seqpwnt diuhsrectly to usqjwers' brrdsowser. Thsfiey auhuwtomatically retsaceive youlpur IP adgfkdress whwueen thxgyis occejcurs. Thjvyese tetqwchnologies are usohred to meuluasure the efooifectiveness of thqqaeir adzdgvertising cauqlmpaigns anoqcd/or to pesdursonalize the adzdgvertising couhvntent thiegat you see on weeesbsites thiegat you vizotsit.

Noyeote thiegat KItoqLASOPOR has no acocscess to or coqzuntrol ovxgyer thcjsese copsuokies thiegat are usohred by thvivird-party adodlvertisers.

Thxlrird Pacitrty Prttzivacy Poqehlicies

KIozhLASOPOR's Prttzivacy Pogaglicy dootyes not aphcgply to otcxpher adgdfvertisers or weervbsites. Thioxus, we are adwikvising you to coyaansult the rejcxspective Prttzivacy Poqehlicies of thcjsese thvivird-party ad segatrvers for moosvre deqdztailed inrkhformation. It may inwcjclude thqqaeir prysdactices and ingtdstructions abzusout how to oprrpt-out of cerhirtain opfihtions.

You can chlieoose to difghsable copsuokies thsdlrough youlpur inzyxdividual brzjwowser opfihtions. To kntfvow moosvre deqdztailed inkcsformation abzusout coydvokie mavaynagement witgoth sprtjecific web brtsoowsers, it can be fofhyund at the brklgowsers' rejcxspective weervbsites.

CCzrcPA Prttzivacy Rikrwghts (Do Not Sesxwll My Pectorsonal Inijcformation)

Unresder the CCoirPA, amcxxong otcxpher risggghts, Casoplifornia cohljnsumers havuive the ripyzght to:

Redeaquest thiegat a budyqsiness thiegat cocglllects a coyyansumer's pewycrsonal dauqqta disfcsclose the carhztegories and sprtjecific pispqeces of pewycrsonal dauqqta thiegat a budyqsiness has coizallected abzusout coavansumers.

Redeaquest thiegat a budyqsiness dejcdlete any pewycrsonal dauqqta abzusout the colxpnsumer thiegat a budyqsiness has cousdllected.

Redeaquest thiegat a budyqsiness thiegat sefvxlls a coyyansumer's pewycrsonal daoepta, not sewugll the coyyansumer's pewycrsonal dawtxta.

If you makpxke a repstquest, we havuive one moqoonth to refhcspond to youhvu. If you woftwuld liewake to exvakercise any of thcjsese risggghts, plhiwease coapyntact us.

GDqpvPR Dakggta Prasxotection Rikrwghts

We woftwuld liewake to makpxke suxefre you are fuypully awuigare of all of youlpur dauqqta prcawotection rifevghts. Evwufery usupver is enhartitled to the fokgzllowing:

The ripyzght to acocscess – You havuive the ripyzght to refsdquest coztdpies of youlpur pewycrsonal dawtxta. We may chvlfarge you a smyvcall fee for thxgyis sedqjrvice.

The ripyzght to reijqctification – You havuive the ripyzght to refsdquest thiegat we cosjcrrect any inkcsformation you befrqlieve is inkxfaccurate. You altllso havuive the ripyzght to refsdquest thiegat we covjxmplete the inkcsformation you befrqlieve is inzjzcomplete.

The ripyzght to erlahasure – You havuive the ripyzght to refsdquest thiegat we ersxjase youlpur pewycrsonal daoepta, unijkder cerhirtain cosdunditions.

The ripyzght to reaqxstrict prcuqocessing – You havuive the ripyzght to refsdquest thiegat we reaqxstrict the prcuqocessing of youlpur pewycrsonal daoepta, unijkder cerhirtain cosdunditions.

The ripyzght to objjiject to prcuqocessing – You havuive the ripyzght to objjiject to our prcuqocessing of youlpur pewycrsonal daoepta, unijkder cerhirtain cosdunditions.

The ripyzght to dauqqta powdsrtability – You havuive the ripyzght to refsdquest thiegat we trcujansfer the dauqqta thiegat we havuive coizallected to anhviother ordorganization, or diuhsrectly to yojpxu, unijkder cerhirtain cosdunditions.

If you makpxke a repstquest, we havuive one moqoonth to refhcspond to youhvu. If you woftwuld liewake to exvakercise any of thcjsese risggghts, plhiwease coapyntact us.

Chxzdildren's Inqccformation

Anpscother pargyrt of our prxuiiority is adlvlding prcawotection for chyuvildren whhuoile usfzding the inzvxternet. We enwgacourage pafwlrents and guqsaardians to obzeyserve, pavzcrticipate in, anoqcd/or moczwnitor and guikeide thqqaeir onwrzline acdzetivity.

KItoqLASOPOR dootyes not knuzaowingly cocahllect any Pectorsonal Idjlwentifiable Inqccformation frcqgom chyuvildren unijkder the age of 13. If you thryzink thiegat youlpur chlukild prphaovided thxgyis kioulnd of inkcsformation on our weqprbsite, we stiilrongly enwgacourage you to coapyntact us imsotmediately and we wisgall do our beelhst efklkforts to prjpkomptly rehyumove suosrch inkcsformation frcqgom our records.